Big art projects featuring Pixel Pet Art pets

The Dogwatch 2018


june 29th: Excited with the new artwork I'm working on, The Dogwatch, with 23 dogs, American Cocker Spaniels, from all over the world: Finland, Canada, US, Belgium, UK and Vietnam! Today I started selecting a portion of the photo's I received, all super cute fur baby's, changing the size, lighting and contrast and fitting them in the poses that I think suit them. When that is finished I can start to digitally paint the big portrait, really looking forward to that. Showed Daantje the start and I think he agrees it will be really cool:

dogart art kunst honden kunst honden spaniel
Ambassador Daantje likes the set up!

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Digital painting of The Dogwatch 2018

dogsinart rembrandt nightwatch dog hondenkunst kunst
Here it is: The Dogwatch, American Cocker spaniels from eight different countries.

American Cocker Spaniel puppies from four different countries in this project

Januari 2019. Starting the new year with a new project. The regents of the workhouse, original piece by Cornelis Troost 1729. 11 Dogs from four different countries star in this Pixel Pet Art version of a masterpiece!

Pixel Pet Art dierenportret dierenschilderij volkskrant newspaper art artwork arts digitalart
The regents of the workhouse. Januari 2019.